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Hi there.

I’m Sebastian Trelles, a computer engineer from Uruguay with a passion for games. I’m determined to pour emotion into videogames and create strong sensitive gaming experiences. I’m currently living in Madrid, attending a Master in Game Design and developing a couple of games.

Here’s access to some of my information.

Personal Homepage: Here, I post most of my work (game concepts I’ve created and the games I’m working on).

Videogame News Blog: Here, I post videogame articles I write. From time passage in games to indie games I’ve liked to how games handle character interaction, there’s plenty to read.

LinkedIn Homepage: Holds information about my studies and professional experience.

Twitter Feed: Follow me to get the latest updates on videogame news.

Facebook Page: Befriend me!

My email is, so you can always reach me there.


Other Games

I’ve also taken part in other developments, as designer, developer, programmer, etc.

Galahad’s Memories is a game where the protagonist is an old man with Alzheimer, trying to remember his past by painting and reliving his memories. A touching 2D puzzle/platformer. I took part in the game’s design and am helping develop the game.

Memento Mori is a 2D side-scrolling, shoot ’em up game where the main character, devastated by the death of his grandmother, gives birth to unmatched powers in order to follow her to the heavens and rescue her soul from the afterlife. I’ve presented the main concept and took part in the game’s design chores.

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