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“…focusing on music and sounds, featuring minimalistic visuals, in order to activate the player’s imagination“.

Try the game – each playthrough won’t take more than six minutes!

I’ve uploaded the latest versions to dropbox, here are the download links:


Windows Package (32 and 64-bits):
Download from Dropbox

Mac Package:
Download from Dropbox 

Linux Package
Download from Dropbox

The game was developed with Ren’Py, a Python framework to develop visual novels. Visit them over here.

Music was made with Aviary Online Music Creator. Take a look how it works here.

Please, send back feedback! Every comment is appreciated. Thank you, everyone.

Four people living in this world. Four hearts beating in unison.


  1. The English package is in Spanish.

    • I’m so sorry, timelessbeing! You mean the Mac and Linux English Package, right? I’ve uploaded the correct version now, it should work.

        • timelessbeing
        • Posted April 22, 2012 at 7:08 am
        • Permalink


  2. Rapidshare is not letting me download the game. Are there other mirrors where I can download the game from?

    • Brandon, I’ve just uploaded the files to Dropbox. Hope you can download and try out the game!

        • Brandon
        • Posted April 24, 2012 at 2:36 pm
        • Permalink

        Thanks! =)

  3. No se si se puede comentar en español, me disculpo de ante mano.
    Soy estudiante de ingenieria informatica y ver proyectos como estos me motivan a seguir estudiando.

    Gracias por regalarnos este momento emotivo.

    • Muchas gracias, Angel.
      De alguna forma, busco hacer pensar a través de las emociones. Me alegro mucho que te haya gustado.
      Sigue apostando a estos proyectos!

  4. Hola, soy de Montevideo y programo en Python, mas que nada Django pero tengo conocimientos de PyGame, si necesitas compañeros de desarrollo, pegame el grito. Saludos.

    • Gracias, emonk. Por ahora vengo remando solo, pero cualquier cosa te avisaré 🙂

  5. Guau ! super!

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